In 1963, MIRUC Optical Corporation Limited was established an optical equipment company. In the years since, we have become an industry leader specializing in the manufacturing of precision instruments including measuring scopes, image recognition lenses, vacuum tweezers, and dovetail stages.

In the high-tech sectors and factory automation industries, there is a constant desire for products that are versatile and easy to use, high in quality but able to fit most budgets, durably built and long-lasting.

At MIRUC, we are dedicated to providing the finest, precision-quality products, constructed by our craftsmen and using our broad range of knowledge and expertise to deliver indispensable manufacturing tools to our customers.

MIRUC's Mission Statement

Our aim is to contribute to society through the development, manufacturing, and distribution of unique and original, value-added, precision instruments that are indispensable for the industries they serve utilizing our exceptional skills, our unwavering passion and commitment to our work.

MIRUC's Areas of Expertise

  • The design and manufacture of microscopes, optical-related equipment, precision machine tools, positioning slide stages and other related peripheral and special equipment.
  • Research and development of artificial intelligence software.

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