At Miruc,
we create award-winning, high-quality, long-lasting,
and easy-to-use products at prices our customers can afford.

MIRUC Optical Co., Ltd. is a worldwide leading manufacturer of dovetail stages.

We have the largest market share in Japan.

OEM Supplies

MIRUC Optical is a leading OEM providing a broad range of precise, hand-crafted and engineered-to-order positioning stages and measuring scopes to meet our clients' unique requirements.

MIRUC Optical Products

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What We Do

At MIRUC Optical, we provide proven solutions for our customers' individual manufacturing needs. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

MIRUC Optical is dedicated to providing only the highest quality precision and optical equipment.

All MIRUC products are created in Japan using our precise and sensitive methods that ensure quality, accuracy, and durability, a hallmark of Japanese manufacturing.

We consistently strive to maintain our high level of craftsmanship using our analog, digital and the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to provide better and more effective products for a broad range of industries.

Contact us to take advantage of our extensive expertise to further your success.